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The Last Temptation of Science

Winter 2011Algis Valiunas on “Rappaccini’s Daughter” and the crooked path to Paradise

Machine Morality and Human Responsibility

Summer 2011Charles T. Rubin on the paradoxes of the project to program virtue

Why Bother with Marshall McLuhan?

Spring 2011Alan Jacobs on the man, the medium, and his message

Utopian Virtues

May 24, 2011

Scientists Fallen Among Poets

Spring 2010Algis Valiunas on what the Romantics learned from scientists, and vice versa

Making Men Modern

Winter 2009Wayne Ambler on reform and recalcitrance in Twain’s Connecticut Yankee

Creating Frankenstein

Summer 2009Jeremy Kessler on Victor’s monster and the Shelleys’ story

Unchosen Lives

Summer 2009Caitrin Nicol on Jodi Picoult’s tales at the threshold

Shop Till You Drop?

Winter 2008Jeremy Lott on suburbs, bomb shelters, and bottled water

Cardís Game

The Unfortunate Decline of Orson Scott Card

Fall 2007Peter Suderman

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