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Eugenics, Historical


Gene Editing: New Technology, Old Moral Questions

Winter 2016Brendan P. Foht on using CRISPR to help patients and design our descendants

Philanthropy’s Original Sin

Summer 2013William A. Schambra on U.S. foundations’ legacy of support for eugenics, and the charitable alternative to scientific progressivism

The Population Control Holocaust

Spring 2012Robert Zubrin reveals the international campaign of coerced sterilization and abortion

Unchosen Lives

Summer 2009Caitrin Nicol on Jodi Picoult’s tales at the threshold

The Painless Peace of Twilight Sleep

Fall 2007Cheryl Miller on an overlooked Edith Wharton gem

Sterile Thinking

Winter 2007

History Repeating?

The Peculiar Comeback of Eugenics

Winter 2004

The Legacy of Nazi Medicine

Spring 2004Naomi Schaefer on a powerful new exhibit at the U.S. Holocaust Museum

The Dilemmas of German Bioethics

Spring 2004Eric Brown on the taboos of the Nazi past and the future of human dignity