So, unfortunately, after much effort, I still am getting AVG notifications when I try to visit my own site, i.e., they’re flagging it as unsafe. There was a virus attack about four months ago but all traces of the virus we could find were removed. I emailed AVG about getting delisted, but no response.

This site used to be listed by Google as containing malware, then we removed it and petitioned them, and they removed the warning. My guess is that the malware is actually gone (we have gone over every single php file on wordpress, there aren’t that many), but AVG is just out of date. Any ideas?

People complain about this site being flagged as containing a virus, but getting a site cleaned professionally can cost as much as $1000. I’m just never going to pay that, so either 1) you’ll just have to deal with the “virus” forever, or 2) we realize that the virus was removed long ago and AVG just keeps flagging it, 3) we identify an actual “virus” on the site and deal with it, or 4) you pay it. Take your pick. My traffic hasn’t been suffering at all since this “virus” incident started happening, and unless people can testify that their identities have been stolen lately as a result of visiting this site, nothing that bad is probably happening.

I’m also getting reports of spam pop-ups on this blog, who gets those?

I don’t know jack about viruses or how they come about. I suppose The New Atlantis will next be using that as evidence that a Singularity will never happen. Oh wait — they already did.