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Why We Choose Surveillance Capitalism

Winter 2020Michael M. Rosen argues that Americans don’t care about privacy as much as they say

Must Growth Doom the Planet?

Winter 2020Ted Nordhaus argues that in an age of stagnation, calls to limit growth miss the real problems we face.

Tell Him Something Pretty

Summer 2019Robert Herritt on Deadwood's lowly view of reason

Making Technological Miracles

Spring 2017Mark P. Mills defends the value of curiosity-driven science and proposes a new way to think about R&D

The Flawed Economics of Laudato Sií

Fall 2015W. David Montgomery on why the encyclical’s moral teaching requires better policy

Oil and World Power

Fall 2015Lee Lane on what the oil and gas boom means for America’s geopolitical standing

Competing to Conform

Spring 2015James Poulos reviews Peter Thiel’s Zero to One

Losing Liberty in an Age of Access

Summer/Fall 2014James Poulos on the implications of the cultural shift away from ownership

Elephants, Horses, Dogs, and Us; The Question Concerning Heidegger

Summer/Fall 2014

Gambling with Global Warming

Winter 2014Lowell Pritchard on risk and uncertainty in environmental economics