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The Human Checkmate

Spring 2007

The $100 Laptop

A Flawed Plan to “Save the World”

Winter 2006

The Trouble with the Turing Test

Winter 2006Mark Halpern on the fallacy of thinking computers


Computer Theft Puts Veterans’ Data at Risk

Summer 2006

The Age of Female Computers

Spring 2006David Skinner on the burdens of pre-machine mathematics

Buggy Software and Missile Defense

Fall 2005Mark Halpern on writing code and protecting the country

The Computerized Academy

Summer 2005Matthew B. Crawford on information technology and the life of the mind

‘The Seams that Hold Us Back’

Bill Gates on Hardware, Software, and the Next Step in Computing

Winter 2004

Does Digital Politics Still Matter?

Fall 2003Robert Atkinson and Shane Ham on the battles over information technology

Bill Gates, the Prince

The Muddled Microsoft Case and Stone-Age Antitrust Laws

Spring 2003