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A More Child-Like Science

Winter 2004Steve Talbott on “better children” 

Science and Self-Government

Winter 2004Wilfred M. McClay on science and self-government

Doping for Seconds

The Shadow of Drugs on American Athletics

Summer 2004

Our Asterisked Heroes

Summer 2004Douglas Kern on human excellence in the age of performance-enhancing drugs

The Democratization of Beauty

Spring 2004Christine Rosen on cosmetic surgery and American culture

Human Nature is Here to Stay

Summer 2003Larry Arnhart on why biotechnology will not change our bodies, brains, and desires

Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature

Spring 2003Charles T. Rubin on the project to make human beings extinct

Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls

Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Perfection

Spring 2003Leon R. Kass on biotechnology and the pursuit of perfection