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The Humble Scientist

Fall 2015Chase W. Nelson on the character and career of his late teacher, Austin L. Hughes

Philanthropy in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Winter 2015Selections from The Almanac of American Philanthropy

Jurassic Generation

Winter/Spring 2013Ari N. Schulman on the unintended consequences of the twenty-year-old dinosaur movie

The Hollowness of Radical Bioethics

Fall 2013John Sexton on why leftist bioethics needs philosophical anthropology

Me, My Genome, and 23andMe

Fall 2013Austin L. Hughes on the oversold and underwhelming science of personal genomics

Evolution and the Illusion of Randomness

Fall 2011Stephen L. Talbott on survival, fitness, and the purposiveness of organisms

What Do Organisms Mean?

Winter 2011Steve Talbott on how life speaks at every level

Health Food and the Double Helix

The Promise of Nutrigenomics

Summer 2011Whitney K. Franz

The Unbearable Wholeness of Beings

Fall 2010Steve Talbott confronts the language of organism-as-machine

Getting Over the Code Delusion

Summer 2010Steve Talbott on epigenetics and the demise of DNA as destiny

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