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Bank on It

Britain Constructs a Universal Genetic Database

Fall 2003

From Biology to Biography

Fall 2003William Hurlbut on evolution and the ascent of the human person

Boys Will Be Boys

The Science of the Y Chromosome

Summer 2003

Eugenics—Sacred and Profane

Summer 2003Christine Rosen on Orthodox matchmakers, IVF clinics, and genetic testing

Human Nature is Here to Stay

Summer 2003Larry Arnhart on why biotechnology will not change our bodies, brains, and desires

Oh, Behave!

Britain’s Nuffield Council Weighs in on Behavioral Genetics

Spring 2003

HapMap—Revolution or Hype?

The Controversy Surrounding the Next Gene-Mapping Project

Spring 2003

Liberty, Privacy, and DNA Databases

Spring 2003Christine Rosen on the uses and dangers of genetic fingerprints

The Double Helix at Fifty

Spring 2003