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The Scientist and the Poet

Winter 2004Paul A. Cantor on the surprising wrinkles in an age-old rivalry

Methuselah and Us

Winter 2004Diana Schaub on “ageless bodies”

Film and TV in Anxious Times

Summer 2004Thomas S. Hibbs on fantasy film, reality TV, and American life after 9/11

One of Us

The Anatomy of Acceptance

Spring 2004

Science Goes Hollywood

Selective Outrage over the Latest Movie Inaccuracies

Spring 2004

Memory and the Movies

Spring 2004James Bowman on remembering and forgetting through the eyes of Hollywood

War and Techne

Summer 2003Gilbert Meilaender on the timeless truths of war

The Dust Bites Another One

From Michael Crichton’s Prey to the Department of Nanotechnology

Spring 2003