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Philosophy and Science


The Truth About Human Nature

Spring 2012Lee Perlman on imagination, rationality, and honesty in Gulliver’s Travels

Love, Yiddish, and the Problem of Bioethics

Spring 2012Darren J. Beattie on science and our erotic longing for knowledge

What Consciousness Is Not

Fall 2011Raymond Tallis unwinds the work of David Chalmers, philosopher of mind

You Can’t Handle the Truth

Winter 2011Jeremy Kessler reviews After Finitude by Quentin Meillasoux

Locke, Darwin, and America’s Future

Winter 2011Peter Augustine Lawler on rights, nature, and progress

Why the Arabic World Turned Away from Science

Winter 2011Hillel Ofek on the lost Golden Age and the rejection of reason

The Science of Politics and the Conquest of Nature

Summer 2011Patrick J. Deneen on liberalism, Locke, and Darwin

Why We Need a ‘Stuck with Virtue’ Science

Summer 2011Peter A. Lawler and Marc D. Guerra on why in-between beings will always need virtue

Justice without Foundations

Summer 2011Robert P. Kraynak on morality in an age of scientific skepticism

Philosophy Is Here to Stay

Spring 2011Benjamin Storey takes on David Brooks’s social scientism

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