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Philosophy and Science


What Neuroscience Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves

Fall 2010Raymond Tallis debunks the tropes of “neuromythology”

Disenchanting Determinism

Summer 2010Caitrin Nicol reviews novels by Richard Powers and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

How Can I Possibly Be Free?

Summer 2010Raymond Tallis on the neuroscientific case against free will, and why it’s wrong

Scientists Fallen Among Poets

Spring 2010Algis Valiunas on what the Romantics learned from scientists, and vice versa

Being Personal

Why Are There No Dolphin Scientists?

April 21, 2010

Nations, Liberalism, and Science

Winter 2009

Peter Augustine Lawler on civil theology and civil biology

Plato in Space

Summer 2009Charles T. Rubin on science, politics, and faith in Neal Stephenson’s Anathem

Masters and Possessors of Nature

Winter 2008Thomas W. Merrill reads Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Our Proud Human Future

Fall 2007Peter Augustine Lawler

Thumos in Space

Fall 2007Charles T. Rubin

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