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Philosophy and Science


Masters and Possessors of Nature

Winter 2008Thomas W. Merrill reads Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Our Proud Human Future

Fall 2007Peter Augustine Lawler

Thumos in Space

Fall 2007Charles T. Rubin

Science and Totalitarianism

Fall 2007Rita Koganzon

Nature, Man, and Common Sense

Fall 2007Patrick J. Deneen

The Conquest of Space and the Stature of Man

Fall 2007Hannah Arendt on scientists, common sense, and man’s limitations

The Language of Nature

Winter 2007Steve Talbott on how science drains meaning from experience

In Whose Image Shall We Die?

Winter 2007Eric Cohen on living well and dying well

The Right to Life and Human Dignity

Spring 2007Leon R. Kass on Thomas Hobbes as a teacher of dignity

C. S. Lewis Goes to the Laboratory

Fall 2006Thomas W. Merrill on the science and faith of Francis Collins

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