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Philosophy and Science


The Moral Challenge of Modern Science

Fall 2006Yuval Levin on politics, ethics, and the scientific worldview

The God Meme

Spring 2006Charles T. Rubin on Daniel Dennett’s unconvincing theory

Biotechnology and the Spirit of Capitalism

Spring 2006Eric Cohen on the new commerce of the body

Francis Baconís God

Fall 2005Stephen A. McKnight reconsiders the religious foundations of the “New Atlantis”

The Moral Education of Doctors

Fall 2005Philip Overby on shaping the souls of aspiring physicians

Daedalus and Icarus Revisited

Summer 2005Charles T. Rubin on science, the future, and the Haldane-Russell debate

The Scientist and the Poet

Winter 2004Paul A. Cantor on the surprising wrinkles in an age-old rivalry

Human Nature is Here to Stay

Summer 2003Larry Arnhart on why biotechnology will not change our bodies, brains, and desires

The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology

Spring 2003Peter A. Lawler on the age’s three great illusions about human nature

Bioethics and the Character of Human Life

Spring 2003Gilbert Meilaender on mortality, freedom, suffering, and the generations

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