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Political Science


Attention Deficit

Fall 2015Diana Schaub reviews Matthew B. Crawford’s book about an increasingly limited resource

Captain Kirk and the Art of Rule

September 8, 2015

Experiments in Democracy

Winter/Spring 2013Jeremy Rozansky reviews Jim Manzi’s new book on data-driven public policy

Putting Health in Perspective

Summer 2012Yuval Levin on how prioritizing health shapes our politics

The Political Science of James Q. Wilson

Spring 2012Jeremy Rozansky and Josh Lerner on the scholar of order, culture, and character

Nations, Liberalism, and Science

Winter 2009

Peter Augustine Lawler on civil theology and civil biology

Disability Politics

Liberals, Conservatives, and the Disability-Rights Movement

Spring 2009Ari Ne’eman

Technocracy and Populism

Spring 2009Ivan Kenneally on President Obama and putting politics behind us

Rethinking Public Opinion

Summer 2008Thomas Fitzgerald on the problems of polling

Science and Totalitarianism

Fall 2007Rita Koganzon