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Politics and Science


Science and the Left

Winter 2008Yuval Levin on the past and future of the “party of science”

John McCain and the Stem Cell Debate

Winter 2008

Science Warrior

Hillary Clinton Leaves the Facts Behind

Fall 2007Yuval Levin

Science and Totalitarianism

Fall 2007Rita Koganzon

Cloning Down Under

An Australian Reversal on Embryo Research

Winter 2007Michael Casey

The Electoral Politics of Stem Cells

Democratic Myths of 2006, GOP Realities of 2008

Winter 2007Yuval Levin

Devaluing Science

Summer 2007Jonathan H. Adler on scientists and politics


Rush Holt on Science, Technology, and Congress

Fall 2006

Human Cloning and Scientific Corruption

The South Korea Scandal and the Future of the Stem Cell Debate

Winter 2006

Stem Cell Spin

The Bush Policy and Its Unreasonable Critics

Spring 2006

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