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Technology and Culture


How Tech Utopia Fostered Tyranny

Winter 2019Jon Askonas argues that authoritarians’ love for digital technology is no fluke — it’s a product of Silicon Valley’s “smart” paternalism

Netflix and Nil

Winter 2019James Poulos on why being online turns us into nihilists

Jihadi Digital Natives

Winter 2019P. W. Singer and Emerson T. Brooking on how ISIS liked and posted its way to power

Why Data Is Never Raw

Summer/Fall 2018Nick Barrowman on the seductive myth of information free of human judgment

Time to Log Off

Summer/Fall 2018Ian Marcus Corbin on being online and recognizing inhumane arrangements for what they are

How Facebook Deforms Us

Summer/Fall 2018L. M. Sacasas on the too-savvy idea that strengthening our social fabric can fix the platform that’s destroying it

Lost on Mars

Summer/Fall 2018Micah Meadowcroft on why space colonization will disappoint you

The Political Path to GPS

Winter 2018Anthony Paletta describes how war and peace forged the universal map

Algorithmic Injustice

Winter 2018

Tafari Mbadiwe on how to keep criminal sentencing algorithms from entrenching racial inequality

For the Love of Mars

Spring 2018James Poulos on why settling the Red Planet would lift us from our antihuman malaise