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The Four Facebooks

Spring 2019Nolen Gertz on misinformation, manipulation, dependency, and distraction

How Not to Regulate Social Media

Spring 2019Shoshana Weissmann on proposed privacy and bot laws that would do more harm than good

Preserving Real-Life Childhood

Spring 2019Naomi Schaefer Riley on why decency online requires raising kids who know life offline

The Inescapable Town Square

Spring 2019L. M. Sacasas on how social media combines the worst parts of past eras of communication

Can Chess Survive Artificial Intelligence?

Spring 2019Yoni Wilkenfeld on how computers take the error out of human chess — and the adventure

After Technopoly

Spring 2019Alan Jacobs on why getting beyond rationalism requires the return of myth

The Ruin of the Digital Town Square

April 30, 2019

Why Data Is Never Raw

Summer/Fall 2018Nick Barrowman on the seductive myth of information free of human judgment

Time to Log Off

Summer/Fall 2018Ian Marcus Corbin on being online and recognizing inhumane arrangements for what they are

How Facebook Deforms Us

Summer/Fall 2018L. M. Sacasas on the too-savvy idea that strengthening our social fabric can fix the platform that’s destroying it

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