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Technology and Culture


The Computerized Academy

Summer 2005Matthew B. Crawford on information technology and the life of the mind

Playgrounds of the Self

Summer 2005Christine Rosen on video games and modern identity

Romance in the Information Age

Winter 2004Christine Rosen on how technology is changing courtship

The Pornography Culture

Summer 2004David B. Hart

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves

Summer 2004Christine Rosen on the consequences of ignoring the world around us

The Democratization of Beauty

Spring 2004Christine Rosen on cosmetic surgery and American culture

Neil Postman, RIP

Culture, Technology, and the Modern Soul

Fall 2003

Caught in the Act

Tracking Cheating Hearts in the Cyber-Age

Fall 2003

Why Not Artificial Wombs?

Fall 2003Christine Rosen on the meaning of being born, not incubated

Technology: The Great Enabler?

How Jayson Blair Conned the New York Times

Summer 2003