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‘A Second Kind of Frontier’

The X Prize Triumph and the Future of Space Travel

Fall 2004 - Winter 2005

Chief Justice at the Bedside

John Roberts and the End of Life

Fall 2005

‘A Profound Loss as a Culture’

Debating Copyright in the Digital Age

Spring 2005

‘The Seams that Hold Us Back’

Bill Gates on Hardware, Software, and the Next Step in Computing

Winter 2004

‘Higher Standards’

Eliot Spitzer on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Summer 2004

‘The Course We Must Maintain’

Vice President Cheney on Proliferation and Cooperation

Spring 2004

‘We’re the Dreamers’

Senators Hear Opposing Views on Piracy from Two Rappers

Fall 2003

‘Something History Will Not Forgive’

Excerpts from Tony Blair’s Speech to Congress, July 18, 2003

Summer 2003

‘Lift Your Eyes to the Heavens’

President Bush’s remarks on the loss of the space shuttle Columbia

Spring 2003