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Lives of the Immortalists

Winter 2018Olga Rachello on the human stories of people who don’t want to be human

Human Gene Editing Arrives in America

Reflections on the Instrumentalization of Human Life

July 28, 2017

Gene Editing: New Technology, Old Moral Questions

Winter 2016Brendan P. Foht on using CRISPR to help patients and design our descendants

Biotech Enhancement and the History of Redemption

Spring 2015Gilbert Meilaender on visions of perfection, theological and technological

First Thoughts on Germline Engineering

April 23, 2015

How to Think About Our Steroid Supermen

Lance Armstrong, the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Meaning of Sports

January 18, 2013

Liberation Biology, Lost in the Cosmos

Summer 2011Benjamin Storey responds to Ronald Bailey

The Case for Enhancing People

Summer 2011Ronald Bailey on why we should and will choose to make ourselves better

Humanism and Transhumanism

Fall 2010Fred Baumann on the utopian impulse and the ends of man

Beyond Mankind

Fall 2008Charles T. Rubin on John Harris’s “sanshumanist” project