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Why Do We Think We Are Disenchanted?

Summer/Fall 2018

The Joy of Cryptozoology

Spring 2018Clare Coffey on the Jersey Devil and the psychology of conspiracy theories

The Political Path to GPS

Winter 2018Anthony Paletta describes how war and peace forged the universal map

Shakespeare’s Worlds of Science

Winter 2018

Natalie Elliot on cosmic and atomic upheaval in Hamlet, King Lear, and Romeo and Juliet

Disenchantment, Actually

Winter 2018Doug Sikkema on how myths, true or false, shape the conditions of our experience

Richard Feynman and the Pleasure Principle

Spring 2018Algis Valiunas on how a cerebral hedonist became a scientific hero

The Idea Incarnate

Winter 2018Kirsten A. Hall on when our thoughts run away from us

Till Tomorrow

Summer/Fall 2017Adam Roberts on why farmers are the original time travelers

Making Technological Miracles

Spring 2017Mark P. Mills defends the value of curiosity-driven science and proposes a new way to think about R&D

The Limits of Information

March 16, 2017Daniel N. Robinson on the gaps between scientific explanation and human experience