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Medical Technology


Jonas Salk, the People’s Scientist

Summer/Fall 2018Algis Valiunas on how the man who vanquished polio won the public’s love but never the respect of his peers

The Ebola Gamble

Spring 2015Ari N. Schulman on how public health authorities put reassurance before protection

Philanthropy in Science, Technology, and Medicine

Winter 2015Selections from The Almanac of American Philanthropy

Vaccines and Their Critics, Then and Now

Winter 2015Aaron Rothstein on the history and errors of the anti-vaccination movement

A Feeling for Pain

Spring 2014Ronald W. Dworkin on the trouble with scientific explanations in anesthesiology

Me, My Genome, and 23andMe

Fall 2013Austin L. Hughes on the oversold and underwhelming science of personal genomics

The Truth About DDT and Silent Spring

September 26, 2012

Doctors Go Digital

How Information Technology Is Changing American Health Care

Summer 2011Jeffrey C. Rowe

Heading Off the Next Pandemic

Lessons from the Swine and Avian Flu Outbreaks

Fall 2010Tevi Troy

Fighting Fake Drugs

Solving Africa’s Counterfeiting Problem

Summer 2009Roger Bate