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Organ Transplantation


What Is the Body Worth?

Spring 2012Ari N. Schulman on patient exploitation and the bad case for human tissue markets

China’s Organ Market

A Tale of Prisoners, Tourists, and Lies

Summer 2009S. Elizabeth Forsythe

What and When Is Death?

Spring 2009Alan Rubenstein on knowing human living to define human dying

The Animal in Us

The Latest Advances in Xenotransplantation

Spring 2003

Was Blind, But Now I See

Stem Cells, Genetics, and Bionics in the Quest for Sight

Fall 2003

The First Fourteen Days of Human Life

Summer 2006Patrick Lee and Robert P. George on the biology of the early embryo

Gifts of the Body

Summer 2006Gilbert Meilaender on organs, markets, and the ethics of transplantation

Is the Body Property?

Fall 2006Peter Augustine Lawler on rights, dignity, and organ sales

The Case for Kidney Markets

Fall 2006Benjamin Hippen on how to solve the kidney shortage

The Heartbeat Heard Round the World

Fall 2007