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Philosophy and Science


Did Thomas Kuhn Kill Truth?

Spring 2018David Kordahl reviews filmmaker Errol Morris’s new book on whether the philosopher of science threw an ashtray at his head

Why Do We Think We Are Disenchanted?

Summer/Fall 2018

Shakespeare’s Worlds of Science

Winter 2018

Natalie Elliot on cosmic and atomic upheaval in Hamlet, King Lear, and Romeo and Juliet

Disenchantment, Actually

Winter 2018Doug Sikkema on how myths, true or false, shape the conditions of our experience

Quantum Poetics

Summer/Fall 2017Samuel Matlack on why physics can’t get rid of metaphor

The Illusionist

Summer/Fall 2017David Bentley Hart on Daniel Dennett’s mindless materialism

Pop Goes the Physics

Spring 2017

David Kordahl on what’s left out of Sean Carroll’s The Big Picture

Darwin Made Me Do It

Spring 2017Michael Ruse on how the process of evolution gave us moral instincts but the theory of evolution undermines moral reasoning

What Is It Like to Know?

March 16, 2017Ari N. Schulman on why we talk in circles about experience

The Time of Our Lives

March 16, 2017Raymond Tallis on physics, consciousness, and the arrow of information