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Shakespeare’s Worlds of Science

Winter 2018

Natalie Elliot on cosmic and atomic upheaval in Hamlet, King Lear, and Romeo and Juliet

Richard Feynman and the Pleasure Principle

Spring 2018Algis Valiunas on how a cerebral hedonist became a scientific hero

Quantum Poetics

Summer/Fall 2017Samuel Matlack on why physics can’t get rid of metaphor

Pop Goes the Physics

Spring 2017

David Kordahl on what’s left out of Sean Carroll’s The Big Picture

The Time of Our Lives

March 16, 2017Raymond Tallis on physics, consciousness, and the arrow of information

The Fine-Tuning of Nature’s Laws

Fall 2015Luke A. Barnes on what physics tells us about the improbability of life

Meaning in a Silent Universe

Fall 2015Marcelo Gleiser on overcoming our sense of cosmic angst

Searching for Other Earths

Fall 2015Sara Seager on how — and why — we look for exoplanets

Einstein’s Masterpiece

Fall 2015Michael W. Begun retraces the path to general relativity on the theory’s 100th anniversary

The Man Who Thought of Everything

Spring 2015Algis Valiunas on the grand scientific vision and the moral myopia of Linus Pauling