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Miss Marple and the Problem of Modern Identity

Fall 2015Alan Jacobs on being known by one’s neighbors versus being known by the state

Christianity and the Future of the Book

Fall 2011Alan Jacobs on scrolls, screens, and how technologies of reading shape theology

Why Bother with Marshall McLuhan?

Spring 2011Alan Jacobs on the man, the medium, and his message

Keeping Books Safe

A Bad Law Threatens Our Past

Spring 2009Elizabeth Mullaney Nicol

Debating “Death with Dignity”; Obsolete Librarians

Winter 2009

People of the Screen

Fall 2008Christine Rosen tells a tale of two literacies

Is Stupid Making Us Google?

Summer 2008

James Bowman on the “Dumbest Generation”

The Computerized Academy

Summer 2005Matthew B. Crawford on information technology and the life of the mind