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The Humble Scientist

Fall 2015Chase W. Nelson on the character and career of his late teacher, Austin L. Hughes

Remembering Thomas P. Hughes

Spring 2014G. Pascal Zachary on the influential historian of technology and society

The Good Doctor

Summer 2013Daniel P. Sulmasy remembers the late Dr. Edmund Pellegrino

The Political Science of James Q. Wilson

Spring 2012Jeremy Rozansky and Josh Lerner on the scholar of order, culture, and character

Neil Postman, RIP

Culture, Technology, and the Modern Soul

Fall 2003

Edward Teller, RIP

The Controversial Life of the Father of the H-Bomb

Fall 2003

Daniel J. Boorstin, RIP

Historian, Critic, and American Man of Books

Spring 2004

Francis Crick, RIP

The Man, the Mind, and the Molecule

Summer 2004

Cicely Saunders, RIP

Remembering the Founder of the Hospice Movement

Fall 2005

The Agony of Atomic Genius

Fall 2006Algis Valiunas on the tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer