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The Ancientsí Tech Anxiety

Fall 2019Charles T. Rubin on the shallowness of reading mythology as sci-fi

Robotic Souls

Winter 2019Charles T. Rubin asks what debates over machine consciousness mean for how we regard ourselves

Lives of the Immortalists

Winter 2018Olga Rachello on the human stories of people who don’t want to be human

Friendship Does Not Compute

Spring 2012Peter Lopatin on the pathologies that arise from digital relationships

Military Robots and the Laws of War

Winter 2009P. W. Singer on how unmanned systems are transforming armed conflict

Till Malfunction Do Us Part

Predictions of Robotic Intimacy

Winter 2008Caitrin Nicol

Home is Where the Robot is

Vacuum Cleaners, Security Guards, and Old-Age Companions

Spring 2003

The Virtual Astronaut

Winter 2004Robert Park on the virtual astronaut

Miles Still to Go

DARPA and the Great Robot Race

Spring 2004

Red Planet, Wet Planet

Developments in the Search for Life on Mars

Spring 2004