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Social Networking


The Tech Backlash We Really Need

Spring 2018L. M. Sacasas on why Silicon Valley will only be strengthened by its present scandals unless we ask deeper questions

Attending to Technology

Winter 2016

Alan Jacobs offers an aphoristic critique of social media, commentary, and our credulity before algorithms

The Politics of Digital Shaming

Spring 2015Rita Koganzon on Internet mobs and their outrage at everyday speech

Friendship Does Not Compute

Spring 2012Peter Lopatin on the pathologies that arise from digital relationships

Hiding Behind the Screen

Summer 2010Roger Scruton on the risks of friendship and the costs of shirking them

Avatars in the Workplace

How Businesses Are Adapting to the Virtual World

Spring 2010G. Anthony Gorry

We Are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For

Summer 2008Sebastian Waisman on the "Millennial Generation"

The Dotcomrade

The Many Faces of Online Friendship

Fall 2006Brian Boyd

Digilante Justice

Citizenship in Cyberspace

Spring 2007Ruth Martin

Virtual Friendship and the New Narcissism

Summer 2007Christine Rosen on MySpace, Facebook, and the costs of social networking