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Symposium: Science, Technology, and Religion


Science and the Search for Meaning

Summer 2013Peter Morales on Unitarian Universalism and what science and religion share

Science through Buddhist Eyes

Summer 2013Martin J. Verhoeven on the imperfect harmonizing of Buddhism with science

Implicit Science in Hindu Thought

Summer 2013Varadaraja V. Raman on the foreshadowing of modern science in ancient Hinduism

The Trouble with the New “Islamic Science”

Summer 2013Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad on trying to read the Koran like a science textbook

Redeeming Technologies

Summer 2013Timothy Dalrymple on how Evangelicals embrace technological innovation

Disenchantment and Its Discontents

Summer 2013Joseph Bottum on why Catholics need not choose between science and wonder

The Golem and the Limits of Artifice

Summer 2013Charles T. Rubin on what the Jewish legend can (and cannot) teach us about bioethics