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Technology and Culture


Analog Anchors for the Online Adrift

Summer 2019Ian Marcus Corbin on how Moleskine sells durability to ephemeral selves

All Activities Monitored

Summer 2019Jon Askonas on how military drone surveillance is quietly creeping into policing, business, and everyday life

Trouble for Hedgehogs

Fall 2019Michael M. Rosen asks whether generalists are due for a comeback

The Ancientsí Tech Anxiety

Fall 2019Charles T. Rubin on the shallowness of reading mythology as sci-fi

Can Chess Survive Artificial Intelligence?

Spring 2019Yoni Wilkenfeld on how computers take the error out of human chess — and the adventure

After Technopoly

Spring 2019Alan Jacobs on why getting beyond rationalism requires the return of myth

In Search of Lost Time on YouTube

Summer 2019Laurence Scott on how the platform takes us to places where we ache to go again

Tell Him Something Pretty

Summer 2019Robert Herritt on Deadwood's lowly view of reason

Making Friends of Trolls

Spring 2019Caitrin Keiper on finding familiar faces behind the black mirror

Imagine All the People

Spring 2019James Poulos on how the fantasies of the TV era created the disaster of social media