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Locke, Darwin, and America's Future - The New Atlantis
America's two guiding lights today are John Locke and Charles Darwin. Locke
provided the principles for classical liberalism and the Declaration of
Independence; ...

Cosmos and Apocalypse - The New Atlantis
John Locke (1691). The arrow of time moves from top to bottom. Click the image
to enlarge.Bodleian Library, MS Locke c. 27, f.

Liberty and the Environment - The New Atlantis
... what John Locke, the seventeenth-century British philosopher whose ideas
helped birth modern liberal politics, had to say about property rights and nature.

The Problem of Alchemy - The New Atlantis
Newton's friend and follower, the philosopher John Locke, was also a reader of
Philalethes and a serious student of both chymical medicine and chrysopoeia.

Restless Souls - The New Atlantis
According to John Locke, the key philosopher for understanding America, what
distinguishes human beings from chimps and dolphins is not happiness itself but

Modernity and Our American Heresies - The New Atlantis
McWilliams argued that it was the philosopher John Locke who provided
enlightened Americans with the “educational technology” that was “the mirror of
the ...

Thanksgiving - The New Atlantis
It's commonly understood that John Locke is the philosophical founder of
America. Maybe more than any other thinker, he is responsible for our
understanding of ...

Losing Liberty in an Age of Access - The New Atlantis
Even Republicans followed too closely in the footsteps of John Locke. As Jeremy
Waldron explained in The Right to Private Property (1988), Locke maintained ...

Putting Health in Perspective - The New Atlantis
John Locke saw the state as a protector of rights and an arbiter of disputes, with
an eye to avoiding violence and protecting life and limb. The most basic law of ...

Crusoe at the Crossroads - The New Atlantis
Contrary to what we might expect, many natural philosophers in the Royal
Society, including John Locke and Robert Boyle, believed miracles existed and
that ...

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