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Adam Keiper

Senior Editor

Adam Keiper, a senior editor of The New Atlantis, was a cofounder of the journal and served as its editor from 2007 to 2017. He is also Books & Arts editor of The Weekly Standard.

He is also the editor of Big Questions Online, and a contributing editor to National Affairs and to Current. He can be reached at

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Number 52 ~ Spring 2017

The Record of Our “Scientist-in-Chief”

Number 38 ~ Winter/Spring 2013

The Problem with ‘Friendly’ Artificial Intelligence

Number 32 ~ Summer 2011

Science and the Obama Administration

Number 23 ~ Winter 2009

China’s Aims in Space; Debating Nanoethics

Number 17 ~ Summer 2007

Nanoethics as a Discipline?

Number 16 ~ Spring 2007

The Age of Neuroelectronics

Number 11 ~ Winter 2006

Science and Congress

Number 7 ~ Fall 2004 - Winter 2005

The Right Plan

Number 4 ~ Winter 2004

A New Vision for NASA

Number 3 ~ Fall 2003

The Nanotechnology Revolution

Number 2 ~ Summer 2003