Privacy Policy

The New Atlantis believes that your personal information deserves protection. We do not sell your personal information, and we do not share it with third parties who sell it. This privacy policy explains the types of information we collect and how we use it. Any questions about this privacy policy should be directed to

Subscriber Information

Subscribers are required to submit two kinds of personal information: contact information (a name, postal address, phone number, email address, and so forth) and billing information (usually a credit card number). This information is collected by a third-party service provider that maintains our subscription database (Fulco, Inc.). That company shares your information only with The New Atlantis. We use that information to send your subscription to you and to charge you for your subscription. We also use that information to send you reminders when your account is expiring.
We do not sell or share this information with anyone else.

Purchasing Back Issues

When ordering back issues of The New Atlantis with our online order form, users will be invited to pay by credit card. Those credit card payments are processed by PayPal. We receive from PayPal only the contact information necessary for shipping back issues. We do not receive the customer’s billing information (such as a credit card number).

Email Lists

If you opt in to our email newsletter, your newsletter subscription will be maintained by a third-party service provider, MailChimp. You can read the MailChimp privacy policy here.
We will not give or sell your email address to anyone else.

Blog Comments

Some people submit their real email addresses when commenting on the blogs we host. We will not put these email addresses on any marketing or promotional lists. We will not share commenters’ email addresses with anyone.

Visitors to the Website

We use Google Analytics to analyze the traffic that comes to this website. It gives us aggregated information about the number of visitors to this site and what pages they visit. We do not have access to information about individual users, and we do not use tracking cookies that allow advertisers or other websites to know about your behavior on this website.