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James E. Oberg

James E. Oberg is a writer and consultant in Houston. A 22-year veteran of NASA mission control, he is the author of numerous books on space, the most recent of which is Star-Crossed Orbits: Inside the U.S.-Russian Space Alliance (2001).

In The New Atlantis

Down in Flames

Number 24 ~ Spring 2009

Launching the Space Age

Number 18 ~ Fall 2007


  • Star-Crossed Orbits: Inside the U.S.-Russian Space Alliance (McGraw Hill, 2001)
  • Uncovering Soviet Disasters: Exploring the Limits of Glasnost (Random House, 1988)
  • Pioneering Space: Living on the Next Frontier (McGraw-Hill, 1986) (with Alcestis Oberg)
  • New Race For Space (Stackpole Books, 1984)
  • Mission to Mars: Plans and concepts for the first manned landing (Stackpole Books, 1982)
  • Red Star in Orbit (Random House, 1981)
  • New Earths: Transforming Other Planets for Humanity (Stackpole Books, 1981)
  • UFO's and Outer Space Mysteries: A Sympathetic Skeptic's Report (Walsworth Publishing Company, 1982)