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Nicholas Eberstadt

Nicholas Eberstadt holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute. He is also a senior adviser to the National Bureau of Asian Research, a member of the visiting committee at the Harvard School of Public Health, and a member of the Global Leadership Council at the World Economic Forum.

In The New Atlantis

The Global War Against Baby Girls

Number 33 ~ Fall 2011


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  • The Poverty of the Poverty Rate: Measure and Mismeasure of Material Deprivation in Modern America (American Enterprise Institute Press, 2008)
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  • Co-author, with Hans Groth, Europe's Coming Demographic Challenge: Unlocking the Value of Health (American Enterprise Institute Press, 2007)
  • Co-author, with Sally Satel, Health and Income Inequality Hypothesis: A Doctrine in Search of Data (American Enterprise Institute Press, 2004)
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  • Other Publications

  • “Alternative Futures for the Korean Peninsula,” – from Strategic Asia, 2004-05
  • “Drunken Nation: Russia’s Depopulation Bomb,” World Affairs, Spring 2009
  • “The Demographic Future,” Foreign Affairs, November/December 2010
  • “Human resources and Korean unification,” Korea’s Economy, July, 2011
  • “What is the future of conservatism?” Commentary January 2013