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Raymond Tallis

Contributing Editor

Raymond Tallis, emeritus professor of geriatric medicine at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom, is the author, most recently, of The Black Mirror: Fragments of an Obituary for Life (Atlantic Books, 2015).

In The New Atlantis

The Time of Our Lives

Number 51 ~ Winter 2017

Bringing Mind to Matter

Number 39 ~ Summer 2013

What Consciousness Is Not

Number 33 ~ Fall 2011

What Neuroscience Cannot Tell Us About Ourselves

Number 29 ~ Fall 2010

How Can I Possibly Be Free?

Number 28 ~ Summer 2010


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  • In Defence of Wonder and Other Philosophical Reflections (Acumen Publishing, 2012)
  • Aping Mankind: Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity (Acumen Publishing, 2011)
  • The Kingdom of Infinite Space: A Portrait of Your Head (Yale University Press, 2009)
  • Michelangelo's Finger: An Exploration of Everyday Transcendence (Yale University Press, 2009)
  • Hunger (Acumen Publishing, 2008)
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  • In Defence of Realism (University of Nebraska Press, 1998)

  • Other Publications

  • “A Suicidal Tendency in the Humanities,” On the Human, January 9, 2012
  • “In Search of the God Spot,” New Humanist January/February 2010