Engadet reports that Wafaa Bilal is having trouble with the camera anchored to the back of his head. The post is a little vague, but to Laura June, it is “not really a surprise” that he should be removing the camera from the back of his head, and that the experience has been pretty painful. Still and all, she thinks the project can be judged a success if he just wanted to be known as “the guy who had a camera implanted in the back of his head.”

When Engadget contributor Sean Hollister covered the same story back in December, he was considerably more upbeat. While the version now posted is headlined “NYU prof sticks camera on the back of his head, just as promised,” the version I have archived in my Google Reader says, “Man sticks camera in the back of his head, fulfills our childhood fantasies.” The tone of the post that follows is anything but skeptical, even if there was a tongue-in-cheek aspect of the original headline. (Although if there was, why change it?)
Everything is so much clearer, after the fact!