Here are a few images from this past weekend’s Singularity Summit, now that it has drawn to a close.

Here’s Aubrey de Grey autographing a book for a conferencegoer:

And de Grey wasn’t the only fellow sporting such ample facial hair; here’s an attendee:

These beard photos might make you wonder about the demographics of the conference. Judge for yourself:

Not that there were no women’s faces to be seen. The presentation by Juergen Schmidhuber gave us a big one:

There was only one woman presenter at the conference, Anna Salamon — although she got to speak both first and last. Here she is chatting with a conferencegoer.

And next, a shot of a woman attendee: Ilana Pregen, asking the question that Brad Templeton so brusquely dismissed.

Stay tuned for more conference wrap-up today.