A Call for Submissions

Tell us what, exactly, we should be building
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Dear Reader —

In response to the “time to build” zeitgeist, we’re inviting writers to put cards on the table and tell us what, exactly, we should be building. Identify one specific project to launch or action to pursue that someone could start today with the requisite will and mandate.

No pie in the sky . . . no “burn it all down and restart it from scratch” . . . no “let’s just move government to the blockchain.” Concretely, something a specific actor could do right now if they were properly motivated. Bonus points for creativity and ingenuity, and for a capacious vision of what can be achieved with generosity and cooperation.

400 words, tops. Submit your drafts to Louise at l.liebeskind [at] thenewatlantis [dot] com by June 17. We’ll pick the best for publication. Authors of published pieces will receive $300. Share this announcement with your friends!

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