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Tell Him Something Pretty

Summer 2019Robert Herritt on Deadwood's lowly view of reason

The Undeath of Cinema

Summer/Fall 2017Alexi Sargeant on digital acting from beyond the grave

Mind Games

March 16, 2017Charles T. Rubin on the film Ex Machina and breathing life into matter

Jurassic Generation

Winter/Spring 2013Ari N. Schulman on the unintended consequences of the twenty-year-old dinosaur movie

Points of Light

Spring 2012Ian Marcus Corbin on grace and despair in the films The Tree of Life and Melancholia

Utopian Virtues

May 24, 2011

Avatar and the Flight from Reality

Spring 2010James Bowman on the sci-fi blockbuster and the mimetic tradition in art

The Genesis of Pixar

March 4, 2010

Reality and the Postmodern Wink

Winter 2009James Bowman champions curmudgeonliness as an antidote to cynicism

Shop Till You Drop?

Winter 2008Jeremy Lott on suburbs, bomb shelters, and bottled water