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Immortality Lite

Winter 2007Ross Douthat on the sublime and the foolish in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain

Our Childless Dystopia

Winter 2007James Bowman on P. D. James’s The Children of Men, as novel and film

Heroism, Modernism, and the Utopian Impulse

Summer 2007James Bowman on cowboys, communists, and dreams of perfection

Techno-Horror in Hollywood

Japanese Anxieties, American Style

Fall 2006Sonny Bunch

To Boldly Go

The End of Star Trek and Star Wars

Summer 2005

Bioethics at the Movies

Spring 2005James Bowman on abortion, euthanasia, and Hollywood

Film and TV in Anxious Times

Summer 2004Thomas S. Hibbs on fantasy film, reality TV, and American life after 9/11

One of Us

The Anatomy of Acceptance

Spring 2004

Science Goes Hollywood

Selective Outrage over the Latest Movie Inaccuracies

Spring 2004

Memory and the Movies

Spring 2004James Bowman on remembering and forgetting through the eyes of Hollywood