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The Digital Law Practice

How Technology Has Transformed the Legal Profession

Fall 2010Sam A. Mackie

The Great Breath of Hell

Winter 2009Algis Valiunas on the modern way of madness

Neuroimaging and Capital Punishment

Winter 2008O. Carter Snead on brain scans and the conflicted aspirations of neuroscience

Bioethics and the Constitution

May 22, 2008

On the Shelf

Quick Takes on The Father of Surgery, Box Boats, Cloning and the Law, etc.

Summer 2006

Gray Matter in the Courtroom

Neuroscience as Legal Evidence

Fall 2004 - Winter 2005

Picking Judges Online

Summer 2005

The End of Obscenity

Summer 2004Jeffrey Rosen

Technology and the Constitution

Spring 2004O. Carter Snead on how new technologies affect judicial interpretation

Stopping Spam

As the Spam Problem Worsens, Congress Seeks a Remedy

Summer 2003