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St. Francis, Christian Love, and the Biotechnological Future

Winter/Spring 2013William B. Hurlbut reflects on hubris and humility, suffering and redemption

Interventionist Conservation

Summer 2012Travis Kavulla on the myth of pristine wilderness and the need to manage nature

The Logic of Science; Biodiversity and the Bible

Winter 2008

The Evangelical Ecologist

Fall 2007S.M. Hutchens on E. O. Wilson’s Earth-piety

Ghosts in the Evolutionary Machinery

Fall 2007Steve Talbott on digital organisms and disembodied science

The Language of Nature

Winter 2007Steve Talbott on how science drains meaning from experience

The Man in the Moon

Remembering Loren Eiseley

Summer 2007Stephen Bertman

Logic, DNA, and Poetry

Spring 2005Steve Talbott on how bad metaphors make for bad science

A Conversation with Nature

Fall 2003Steve Talbott on understanding our relationship with the natural world