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Disenchanting Determinism

Summer 2010Caitrin Nicol reviews novels by Richard Powers and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Beyond Mankind

Fall 2008Charles T. Rubin on John Harris’s “sanshumanist” project

The Rhetoric of Extinction

Winter 2006Charles T. Rubin reviews four recent books on transhumanism

The Age of Neuroelectronics

Winter 2006Adam Keiper on neural implants, brain-machine interfaces, and cyborg fantasies

Visions of the Future; The Turing Test

Spring 2006

Imagining the Future

Winter 2004Yuval Levin on innovations, generations, and the biotechnology debates

Man or Machine?

Winter 2004Charles T. Rubin on “superior performance” 

Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature

Spring 2003Charles T. Rubin on the project to make human beings extinct