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The Forgotten Honor of World War I

Spring 2014

James Bowman responds to progressive historians who consider the war a mistake that could have been avoided

The Invention of the War Machine

Spring 2014

M. Anthony Mills and Mark P. Mills on how the war shaped science, technology, and military-industrial research

The Physicists at Fifty

Summer 2012Samuel Matlack reconsiders the classic play about science, civilization, and insanity

The Architecture of Evil

Summer 2012Roger Forsgren on the lessons of Albert Speer, master architect of the Third Reich

The World’s Most Popular Gun

The Long Road to the AK-47

Summer 2011Victor Davis Hanson

Unleashing the Nuclear Watchdog

Reforming the IAEA’s Safeguarding Operations

Summer 2011Henry Sokolski

Proposing a ‘Coast Guard’ for Space

Winter 2011James C. Bennett on what ails America’s space sector and how to fix it

The Untapped Potential of the NPT

Why We Must Reinterpret the Non-Proliferation Treaty

Fall 2010Henry Sokolski

Churchill on Science and Civilization

Summer 2010Justin D. Lyons on politics and the humanities, war and peace, in the age of science

Proportionality in Warfare

Spring 2010Keith Pavlischek on the abuse of an important just war principle