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Military Technology


The Most Dangerous Possible German

Winter 2019Algis Valiunas on the ambiguous legacy of Werner Heisenberg, quantum genius and would-be inventor of the Nazi A-bomb

The Moral Case for High-Tech Weapons

Summer/Fall 2017Merav Ceren asks whether Israeli military innovation has made war more just

The Invention of the War Machine

Spring 2014

M. Anthony Mills and Mark P. Mills on how the war shaped science, technology, and military-industrial research

The Problem with ‘Friendly’ Artificial Intelligence

Summer 2011Adam Keiper and Ari N. Schulman respond to Charles T. Rubin

The World’s Most Popular Gun

The Long Road to the AK-47

Summer 2011Victor Davis Hanson

The Trouble with Cyber Arms Control

Fall 2010Christopher A. Ford on why we should be wary of Russian and Chinese proposals

Lighter-than-Air Follies

Summer 2010

The Tortured Logic of Obama’s Drone War

Spring 2010Hillel Ofek on the strategic, legal, and moral implications of targeted killing

Military Robots and the Laws of War

Winter 2009P. W. Singer on how unmanned systems are transforming armed conflict

War and Techne

Summer 2003Gilbert Meilaender on the timeless truths of war