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Science Fiction


Do We Want Dystopia?

Winter 2020

Stefan Beck on nightmare tech as the fulfillment of warped desire

After Technopoly

Spring 2019Alan Jacobs on why getting beyond rationalism requires the return of myth

Till Tomorrow

Summer/Fall 2017Adam Roberts on why farmers are the original time travelers

The Enduring Legacy of The Twilight Zone

Winter 2016Brian Murray on Rod Serling’s struggle to turn TV into an art form

The X-Files and the Demon-Haunted World

On why we want to believe

Fall 2015Ari N. Schulman

Captain Kirk and the Art of Rule

September 8, 2015

Fantasy and the Buffered Self

Winter 2014Alan Jacobs on how the genre offers re-enchantment without risk

The Golem and the Limits of Artifice

Summer 2013Charles T. Rubin on what the Jewish legend can (and cannot) teach us about bioethics

Jurassic Generation

Winter/Spring 2013Ari N. Schulman on the unintended consequences of the twenty-year-old dinosaur movie

The Dark and Starry Eyes of Ray Bradbury

Summer 2012Lauren Weiner on the wonderful weirdness of the late author