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The Undeath of Cinema

Summer/Fall 2017Alexi Sargeant on digital acting from beyond the grave

Fiction in the Age of Screens

Spring/Summer 2016Erik P. Hoel on how today’s novelists cope with their HBO anxiety

The Enduring Legacy of The Twilight Zone

Winter 2016Brian Murray on Rod Serling’s struggle to turn TV into an art form

The X-Files and the Demon-Haunted World

On why we want to believe

Fall 2015Ari N. Schulman

Virtual Reality as Moral Ideal

Winter 2015Matthew B. Crawford on learning how to live in a world that resists our will

Criminal Elements

Winter/Spring 2013James Bowman on Breaking Bad and breaking with the Enlightenment

Film and TV in Anxious Times

Summer 2004Thomas S. Hibbs on fantasy film, reality TV, and American life after 9/11

To Boldly Go

The End of Star Trek and Star Wars

Summer 2005

Hollywood’s Fertile Imagination

Baby-Making Goes Prime Time

Fall 2005

Seeing and Believing

TV Dramas Show Two Sides of Surveillance Tech

Spring 2007Peter Suderman