Sorry for the light posting — I’ve been a bit under the weather. Here are a few links to keep you occupied:

The British Library’s Sound Archive is amazing.
Cushing Academy in Massachusetts is getting rid of its books. Who needs a library when you can have a “learning center” with big-screen TVs and a $12,000 cappuccino machine?
The Public Index is a site created by people at NYU’s Law School to gather information about the proposed Google Book Settlement and to create a conversation about that settlement. It’s clearly the one-stop shop for people interested in the implications of Google’s agreement with publishers. I am coming to believe that the settlement is not going to survive all of the various legal challenges being made to it — I doubt it will ever go into effect.
More later, I hope.
UPDATE: Ted Striphas has some thoughtful comments on the self-decodexifying of Cushing Academy.
ANOTHER UPDATE: More smart thoughts from Jessamyn the librarian.